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a higher level of indulgence


At Herbition, we not only look to further elevate the recreational cannabis market in Canada, but to continuously evolve our products and establish a quality product to our consumers. Our products not only provide consumers with quality ingredients and premium THC oils, but also provides our consumers with access to consistent, and incredible tasting products.

We are a Canadian established business and look to further contribute to our ever-growing economy. Our products are home-grown, manufactured and packaged within the province of Ontario. Our mission is to continue to supply our consumers in the recreational and medical cannabis market high-quality THC products while establishing ever-lasting relationships.

A promise is made to our consumer with every product purchased, to hold ourselves and our brand to the highest standard.


We pride ourselves in supporting our local economy and proudly produce our products in Ontario.

100% VEGAN

Our edibles contain plant based ingredients and contain no animal byproducts.


All of our products are made with premium THC Concentrate, containing no harmful chemicals.